2012 is a business

I recorded this video 2 days ago and posted it on 2012 Explained, but why not make a quick post about it? I recorded this because I still get a lot of emails regarding 2012 and this is the most complete answer I can give without going into too much details. I mean, there’s a new theory everyday regarding 2012 and there’s no way I can study each of them and I don’t want to anyway. I feel the subject has been covered here at Daily Common Sense with my articles, but also with the comments and the forum.

The most complete and straight forward answer I can give to “Is 2012 true?” and “Are we gonna die?” is the following: “It’s a business”. People are building businesses around 2012 with a complete business model and the goal is to generate money by spreading fear. It does work pretty well. Anyway, I won’t go into details here as it is what I’m talking about in the video. Enjoy and let me know what you think. Continue reading…

What about videos?

I think making videos for daily common sense would be the best thing to do to bring the site to the next level. I know you guys who read the blog “daily” (not so daily because I don’t post daily) aren’t big commentators, but what do you guys think?

I think videos are so much more appropriate for this type of blog…Let me know!

Have you been abducted by an alien?

I just came across this totally insane post on a forum:

Have you been abducted by an alien? If so, have you ever invoked the name “Jesus” in an attempt to frighten off the alien? What were the results?

What’s really interesting here is these juicy answers: Continue reading…

200,000 already!

Wow, this really is incredible and I’m proud to announce that Daily Common Sense is already reaching 200,000 visits for this year. I launched the blog in January this year and didn’t expect to have so many visitors at the end of my first year.

I would like to thank every single one of you for taking part in discussions and making DCS a success. Now I know the blog isn’t updated regularly, but trust me guys I’m on it. It’s not that I’m not working on the website, it’s more that I’m working on things we don’t see. I see great potential for DCS and I am currently figuring out what would help it grow bigger and also how I could interact with you guys more easily.

If you have any suggestions or anything that could improve the future of this blog, please let me know! The blog is only sleeping a little bit…

Space elevator: Go into orbit

Space elevatorFrom cnn.com : A new space race is officially under way, and this one should have the sci-fi geeks salivating.

The project is a “space elevator,” and some experts now believe that the concept is well within the bounds of possibility — maybe even within our lifetimes.

A cable anchored to the Earth’s surface, reaching tens of thousands of kilometers into space, balanced with a counterweight attached at the other end is the basic design for the elevator.

It is thought that inertia — the physics theory stating that matter retains its velocity along a straight line so long as it is not acted upon by an external force — will cause the cable to stay stretched taut, allowing the elevator to sit in geostationary orbit.

The cable would extend into the sky, eventually reaching a satellite docking station orbiting in space.

Read the full article here, it’s a must read!

Taking a new direction

It’s been quiet lately…Well it’s because I want to go in a different direction. Daily Common Sense has been associated with the 2012 scam/hoax or whatever you want to call it and I want to change that a little bit. You know, I think it’s great that people like my articles about 2012, pole shift and all that stuff, but I feel like I’ve covered it all and want to move on. I receive a lot of emails and comments about “What do you think about that 2012 site?”, “What do you think about that pole shift site?”, “What do you think about that 2012 theory?”, “What do you think about that video?”, etc. I feel very good about that fact that people turn to me to get some advices and I’m very flattered, but I as I said, I want to move on.

I opened the Daily Common Sense forum recently and people are starting to use it a little bit. That was part of my strategy to bring DCS to another level.  You guys can really discuss on that forum and you’ll probably get an answer from the community faster than an answer by email from me! ;)

I’m still figuring out the direction this will all take, but I will definitely try to write about other subjects!

McCain helped to create the blackberry…Right.

I stumbled on this article today and I must admit it’s hilarious:

John McCain doesn’t use e-mail. So it was downright odd to see one of his aides hold up a BlackBerry on Tuesday and claim that the Arizona senator somehow deserves credit for its existence.

“He did this,” economic policy adviser Douglas Holtz-Eakin told reporters, referring to a BlackBerry, according to a report on Politico.com. “Telecommunications of the United States is a premier innovation in the past 15 years, comes right through the Commerce Committee. So you’re looking at the miracle John McCain helped create and that’s what he did.”

This may join the ranks of the-Internet-is-too-hard-to-use statements personally made by the Republican candidate, including this remarkable admission from July: “I am learning to get online myself, and I will have that down fairly soon, getting on myself. I don’t expect to be a great communicator, I don’t expect to set up my own blog, but I am becoming computer literate to the point where I can get the information that I need–including going to my daughter’s blog first, before anything else.”

Continue reading…

The Large Hadron Collider is ready

First, I want to appologize for not posting as often as I used to be, I’m really busy at the moment and don’t have much time to investigate new scams! That being said, if you don’t already know, the first attempt to circulate a beam in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) will be made tomorrow, September 10.

There are a lot of fears surrounding the LHC and it’s for a good reason: it’s one of the most complex machine ever built and could be able to spawn mini black holes. It looks a little scary I know, but I wrote a post a couple of months ago about the LHC and why it shouldn’t be a threat and it explains a lot of important things. (See that I use “should” here because it’s so complex, even Stephen Hawkins could be wrong! ). If you haven’t read the article I suggest you do and if you’re too lazy, here’s a straight to the point explanation of why you shouldn’t fear: Continue reading…

Going nuts with the Tesla shield

Some weeks ago I received a comment from a man asking for proofs and evidences that the Purple Tesla Shield is a scam (Read my original article about the Tesla shield for more infos). I must admit the man asked the proofs in a rather rude way, so let’s hear his rational thoughts:

why are all you negative “bashers” wasting your time reading this stuff — spending large amounts of time “blogging” about it – YET not one of you has any legitimate defense, nor have you proved ONE single FACT as to why this technology is FALSE — So what’s your argument?  I’d like to hear some FACTS not just hot air and negative OPINE — IDIOTS.  And NO I’m not from Life Technology — I’m a person with common sense that YOU all NAY SAYERS have not appealed to in the least intelelectuallyl — PRESENT YOUR ARGUMENT AND FACTS or SHUT YOUR PIE HOLES.

Oh, and who’s the jackass who posted this as a “scam”???  What’s your argument buddy? where are your FACTS — PROVE IT or SHUT UP.  There IS real technology like this, and minerals, metals etc. are NATURAL SUBSTANCES just like food, water and other elements the body needs to defend itself so WHY is it so hard to believe that there is “technology” (READ:  applications of science and nature) that can perform what some find incredible?) — Let’s move out of the dark folks into the light.

All right, here’s your shining moment buddy. You know how I love to post hate comments I receive and you also know how it makes me laugh. First of all, I just want to answer the easiest question that man asked: Continue reading…

Launching Daily Common Sense Forum!

I’m proud to announce that Daily Common Sense now has its own forum! I added a link in the navigation bar for the forum section, but you can reach it at the following address: Daily Common Sense Forum.

I must admit I mainly created the forum because of 2012 Explained, which at the time of writing has 735 comments! It really is a pain to load the article now because of all the comments in there and I’m slowly moving things to a forum instead. I’m not closing the comments yet but there will surely be a time where it won’t be possible to post a comment in that specific article. I receive thousands of first time visitors to that single article every week and I think it’s a pain for a first time visitor to load that page. A total turn off.

So there you go, continue to comment in here I really appreciate it, but the forum is a good way to exchange with others and also to reach me! ;)


Woah, what’s that new look?

Feeling a little lost? Where’s your old daily common sense? It’s gone! I felt like it was time for a change and I was really sick of the old theme, so I changed it. I don’t know if you guys like it better, but I certainly do. It’s much more lightweight and clean and I’m giving more space to what’s really important: the content.

I also changed the logo a little bit as you can see, so it can fit with the new look. It’s much more sober and elegant and it’s a little something I could easily put on a t-shirt…hint, hint.

One new feature I really like is that this new theme now supports “Gravatar”. What the hell is Gravatar? You will notice in the comment section that next to your name a picture will appear. If you don’t have a gravatar account, the default gray picture will appear. If you want a custom picture to show on the page, simply head to Gravatar and upload your own! This little image will not only be valid for my blog, but also for every other blog you comment on that has this feature enabled! Isn’t great? Yep, I know.

OK, I won’t write a 3 pages post about the new look of the website, you’ll discover it on your own. There might be some issues with it so feel free to comment if you are having some difficulties! Time to go to bed now, I’ve worked on this little thing all night…

Some particularities of conspiracy comments

Daily Common Sense is a well established blog in its field and I published a lot of articles to debunk scams/hoax and conspiracy theories. For that reason, you can imagine I receive hate comments from conspiracists on a daily basis. I must say conspiracists/doomsdayers just confirm how crazy they are for most of them when they comment on blogs. I mean, it’s simply crazy and here’s why. Continue reading…

Slow motion lightning strike for your entertainment

This has nothing to do with the usual common sense stuff, but you guys know I like to post stuff about science too, so here’s a nice one:

Quite impressive isn’t it? You can find some other videos on YouTube but they aren’t as good as this one!

30,000 scientists against Al Gore + Global warming a scam

Here’s an interesting piece of nonsense for all of you:

Saying CO2 is no problem because it’s a natural compound is such a weak argumentation. You know, when I breath out, there’s CO2 coming out so there’s no problem or as he said: “It’s no…Big….Deal”. That’s a pretty weak argumentation for a PhD you must admit. It’s like anything in life, you have to keep a certain balance and we now have more CO2 than our poor little Earth can process. It’s not just because it’s a natural compound we can assume it’s harmless. Anyway, I must agree with the man when he says it’s almost a religion but I’m not ready to call global warming a scam.

The last ice age happened in a year

I read an interesting article today from The Scotsman. The article basically outlines the fact that the last ice age, 13,000 years ago, happened way faster than previously thought:

THE last ice age 13,000 years ago took hold in just one year, more than ten times quicker than previously believed, scientists have warned.
Rather than a gradual cooling over a decade, the ice age plunged Europe into the deep freeze, German Research Centre for Geosciences at Potsdam said.

Cold, stormy conditions caused by an abrupt shift in atmospheric circulation froze the continent almost instantly during the Younger Dryas less than 13,000 years ago – a very recent period on a geological scale.

The new findings will add to fears of a serious risk of this happening again in the UK and western Europe – and soon.

Dr Achim Brauer, of the GFZ (GeoForschungs Zentrum) German Research Centre for Geosciences at Potsdam, and colleagues analysed annual layers of sediments, called “varves”, from a German crater lake.

Each varve records a single year, allowing annual climate records from the region to be reconstructed.

I think it really is important to learn from that and realize how fast climate changes can happen. I’ve said it numerous times on this blog, climate change will be the biggest challenge in the comming years and changes are happening faster than what scientists predicted. That being said, it’s nothing to be scared of, but just a little something that makes you realize how fast these things can happen.