Earth’s Axis tilted an additional 26 degrees

According to this website, the earth axis tilted an additional 26 degrees recently. Quite strange we didn’t notice it because by looking at pictures, it looks to be quite an important change.





Do you really think a 26 degrees axis shift can happen without anything more than increasing volcanoes and earthquakes like mentionned on the website? 26 degrees is huge and would mean MAJOR climate changes. There’s also the fact that we would notice a difference in the amount of light we receive from the sun everyday and a major difference in the Sun’s rising and setting positions. There are hundreds and hundreds of examples we can come up with just to prove this theory doesn’t make sense, it’s just another proof of the amount of disinformation available on the web.

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39 Responses to “Earth’s Axis tilted an additional 26 degrees”

  1. Klye Johnson

    Another genuine (spelling?), and intelligent response to nonsense. Great job!

  2. Ambrosiality

    Yeah I doubt the story is true, I’m sure CNN and other stations would have gone crazy with it, or something.

    hmm but then again, i dont watch a lot of news. hmm but my brother does, so I would have heard =)

  3. Ben

    yes exactly! News, amateur astronomers, etc. would all be talking about it!

  4. Rob

    hahaha! at this rate, in another six years we will be completely reversed… although the one year spent revolving around a horizontal axis sounds quite interesting…
    glad to see someone is ridiculing the so called ‘science’ on the internet…. :-)

  5. Ben

    Thanks for your comment Rob! Revolving around a horizontal axis it quite an interesting thought…;)

  6. tave lulanne

    I have all the pictures neccessary to prove the 30 degree–it is now 30 degree tilt plus 26. The sun sways in the sky, like a tango dancer and the climate jumps from global warming to freezing.
    please watch this short clip

  7. Ben

    Ok…The sun looks pretty stable to me in the sky right now and it’s a normal day outside. Post the clip!

  8. Monica

    When I told a moderator at another 2012 site that I didn’t believe the earth’s tilt could have changed so drastically without causing MAJOR upheavals to the earth, I was told to “wake up, and get my head out of the sand”

    He then went on to site the chili volcano, and the china earthquake as just a few of the changes that we are seeing right now. I then tried to explain that the type of upheaval I was talking about would occur on a global scale, and would involve all types of disasters, happening simultaneously, all over the world. At that point, I was informed that the site was not a place for debunking or questioning that which he had already decided was true. I must have missed that sign by the door that said “check your common sense here” because I thought it was a forum for learning, not for being told what to believe.

    Anyway, so far, I like what I’m seeing here. It’s refreshing to see someone who isn’t afraid to say “I don’t know what’s going to happen, but we’re probably not all going to die on 2012″ lol

  9. Marty

    It’s June 12,2008 and where I live, in Southeast Washington State, the sun now sets in the NORTH, while it used to set in the WEST. It’s not tracking as it used to at all, and neither is the moon. My wife and I have been watching these changes for about two years now, and MANY people we talk to around here are asking why this is happening. The only logical explanation is that the earth’s tilt is shifting. I don’t know what makes you actually believe that the governments of the world cannot stifle the news media, or are you really that naive? All they have to do is say that it is a matter of National Security, and it’s done. If you honestly can’t see the changes in the locations of the constellations, the sun track and the moon track, then please visit your vision expert. Wake up, kids, something big IS happening. We humans have never seen it happen before, so how do we know how it’s supposed to look? I happen to think that a sudden rash of volcano eruptions and earthquakes is significant, especially when it is accompanied by a reported shift in the earth’s axis. Has NOBODY ever heard of the HAB theory? Listen, stick your head in the sand if you want, it’s perfectly OK with me, but when the sun starts to suddenly change what it’s been doing since the day I was born, I pay attention.

    • David F Mayer

      It is truly amazing that NOBODY ELSE NOTICED this phenomenon. For all the rest of us, the Sun's path through the sky is just the same as it always was.

  10. Ben

    Read about geostationary satellites and tell me why satellite tv still works.

  11. Emz

    I’ve noticed the sun looks a little bigger in my area (England ^.^) now-a-days.. If that means anything.

    Seriously, I read about this 2012 crap about a year ago, and for the first like.. Week or something I was really looking into it. But scientists can’t decide whether the polar reversal would take place suddenly or gradually over time. Apparently both have evidence to back up their argument. :S

    But I REALLY can’t see the earth’s axis tilting 30degrees and no-one noticing that much. And yeah, the media would go mad for it!

    We’ll see what happens eh? ;)
    Em. x

  12. mike angel

    It’s June 19th look up.. The sun is rising and setting north of me.. I live in Pa.. And I noticed it before I ever read about, as did 4 of my neighbors…

    • Greg

      Dude, it always has. It rises in the north-of-east, goes across the sky to the *south* of you, and sets in north-of-west. if you were farther north, it would rise even farther north of east, and pass across the sky even farther south. The earth is round. The whole assumption that the 'tilt' has changed because of this is utterly bunk.

  13. Tony

    lol mike…. if PA is in North america…. which i suspect it is invest in a compass.

  14. Zerofour

    EMZ, i think what they where talking about is a magnetic polar reversal, not an axis shift reversal.

    • Nouri

      This is correct. The magnetic polar reversal is a reality today in the scientific media. It is running towards Russia with a speed of 40 miles per year. It is hard for the non-specialized people to imagine the difference between both north poles.

  15. Lollerskates

    Wow… the sun is rising AND setting north of PA?? So it just goes up, then back down the way it came?? lmao So they’re saying the earth changes direction mid-day??
    I could understand if they meant to say the sun is rising and setting to the east and west, respectively, but just a little north of the norm. Still wouldn’t believe the earth’s axis changed so dramatically, though. xD

  16. Monique

    Less than 2 weeks I went out and saw the moon in the evening, the next night went out and – NO MOON! I actually said out loud to myself…. "Where's the MOON???"

    Notice that the sun is setting way more different than it usually does this time of year? I AM!

    This me thinks, is the disinformation site.

    • Mario

      Hey Monique, did you see any clouds? We didn't see the moon for the whole month of June in the Northeast.

      Sun setting way more differently? Yeah, right…

  17. DML

    Lol wow. I feel like I just got a bit dumber. This is absolutely ridiculous the change caused by even a 10 degree offset of the Earth's axis would be noticed in every part of the world and 26 degrees entire southern hemisphere would be an ice cap. Whoever runs the terribly designed site is a damn moron.

  18. Lihardo

    If this situation is continued, we will see the sun rise from "west" side, not longer from the "east" side after more than 90degree reached. CMIIW

  19. jon

    This year I have seen a change in the sun's position to the earth in the summer months. I feel that the earth will tilt on it's axis on November 15 — 2012 — at -28-degree not 26.By December 20–2012 there will be a temp: of 140 in the western states and the equator be at 30-degree. When this happens there will be a ( 75%) of human life will be gone on the earth and the rest of the human population will not survive no more then three-months

  20. Zipperback

    Due to axial tilt towns near the north pole often experience "polar night" a period of consecutive days clustered around the winter solstice. In the days preceding or following the summer solstice the opposite phenomenon, midnight sun, is apparent.

    This phenomena has been exploited in the thrillers 30 Days of Night and Insomnia respectively but it's anything but fiction.

    An increase in tilt of 26 degrees would thousands of cities formerly below the cone of the polar night/ midnight sun phenomena directly into the radius of occurrence.

    This is not a vague notion tat the sun rose a bit further north than it did last year…maybe. This would mean entire cities will notice the sun not setting for a full week. I think 5 million Norwegians would notice that the sun skirting the horizon at 1AM. The range of impact would affect over a quarter billion people in Canada, Alaska, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Belarus, Denmark and Russia.

    If anyone can make 250,000,000 people in ten countries fail to notice a continuous 3 to 20 days of sunshine that weren't there a few years back, followed by 3 to 20 days of total darkness six months later they're not perpetrating a conspiracy, they're falsifying the appearance of sunrise and sunset or mind controlling hundreds of millions of people simultaneously with the same illusion. That's not a conspiracy, that's wielding the power of a god.

    I think we can agree that the combined military and industrial forces of the world are impotent against anyone who can block out the sun over an area of 4,000,000-plus square miles ,right? I'm not remiss in saying that's godlike ability there?

    So yeah, until there's reports of midnight sun 500 miles south of the Arctic Circle I'm calling bunko.

  21. AWG

    The date is May 6, 2011 and I have just read this article. Yesterday my wife's 80+ years old parents commented on how the sun seems to fall differently on their bungalow (single storey home) in Macclesfield, England. They have noticed sunlight entering windows at angles not witnessed before.

    I had not particularly noticed this myself. Maybe younger people have less time to observe, thus notice.

  22. RICKY

    My concren is if the tilt has changed. Than the earth quater or the cosest part of the earth to the sun is also closer to the poles. this can be gauaged by temp changes further north and south of were the equater used to be. The problem if it dose exist is that the jet steams in the air and in the water that regulates the rain,temp inside of our atmospher, The oceans abillity to exist. cold water would be injected at a rate from polar melt that the ocean will cool the jet stream will slow to a stop.All life in it will die. The world would be back cverd by 68 percent of water causing the mantik rain stroms ,hot weather that no one would servive.MY THING IS THIS POSSIABILE. If so than man can fix the problem or can we. What cause is the silution. Was it tha the luner pull of all the moons from the planets around us that are being lined up are the cause to the grater pull on the earths waters causing the earths tilt to be greater now.

  23. ricky

    If this is correct than was the miunis right that the would is over on the 28 dec 2012

  24. Guisseppi

    The sun moon and stars have all undergone a shift with relation to the earth's zone of deflection leading one to believe that there must be a convergence of massive anti-matter shift in the orbit of the sun. However this should correct itself when the sun reverses rotation coincidental with the Myan calender reaching doomsday.

  25. Larry A. Gawthrop

    I live in WV and the sun is already setting due West. In the Summer last year it was setting 290 degrees NW on my compass which means the Tropic of Cancer is North of us now. The Earth is tilted about 49 degrees on it's axis instead of 23.5

  26. JDH

    I have no need to be convinced since I started taking my own Sunset Readings at each equinox & solstice this past year in Ohio… using both landmarks & lensatic compass readings, The normal axial variance in a normal 6 month period is 47 degrees (23.5 tilt x 2),,, this is the angle you get after marking sunset locations 1 & 2 during the Winter & Summer Solstice from the same spot where you take both readings, This creates a triangle to measure the angle variance. I just got done confirming last night a 56 Degree variance so far a few days before Summer Solstice has gone as far North as it will go. Don't believe me… do you own observations with a map, camera, protractor & compass right at sunset 4 times over the nerxt year. It's real…


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