Here’s a new one –

So, here’s a new “I want to suck money from you by telling you bullshit” website – This website promises you a lot of things and the intro tells it all:

If you want to FINALLY experience the COMPLETE Manifestation of All the Miracles, Success, Wealth, Health, Love and Happiness that you have always dreamed of…

Then PAY CLOSE ATTENTION! Instructions to Register as Member of Mind Reality can be found as you read all the way to the bottom…

Yes, that’s true, not only you will find love and happiness, but you will also be able learn:

  • How to apply Quantum Physics to Create Your PERFECT Reality.
  • How to Telekinetically Attract MONEY to you and become Very RICH!
  • How to use Psychic Influence on others to make them DO what you wish.
  • How to Miraculously Cure ALL SICKNESS and Diseases without Drugs.
  • How to Find your LIFE PURPOSE and live it to the fullest and greatest way!
  • How to be Highly Attractive and Desirable to members of the opposite sex.
  • How to go after ANY DREAM you have and Fulfill it to the FULLEST EXTENT.

Isn’t it nice? Create a perfect reality, be rich, have psychic influence on others, cure all sickness, etc. It’s almost like you could dominate the world, right? But, when you scroll down far enough, you will eventually get to the part where it says:

The True value of Mind Reality is INFINITE, but the price I have decided to offer it for is ONLY: $397

This price is highly affordable for most people in the world! $397 is a very small amount to pay compared to the amount of power, freedom and abundance you would be able to experience in your life!

ONLY 397$. That’s the price to get the true meaning of life and get infinite power. Quite cheap isn’t it? If you’re up for more nonsense, go and read the website, it’s worth it.

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