Here’s a new one –

So, here’s a new “I want to suck money from you by telling you bullshit” website – This website promises you a lot of things and the intro tells it all:

If you want to FINALLY experience the COMPLETE Manifestation of All the Miracles, Success, Wealth, Health, Love and Happiness that you have always dreamed of…

Then PAY CLOSE ATTENTION! Instructions to Register as Member of Mind Reality can be found as you read all the way to the bottom…

Yes, that’s true, not only you will find love and happiness, but you will also be able learn:

  • How to apply Quantum Physics to Create Your PERFECT Reality.
  • How to Telekinetically Attract MONEY to you and become Very RICH!
  • How to use Psychic Influence on others to make them DO what you wish.
  • How to Miraculously Cure ALL SICKNESS and Diseases without Drugs.
  • How to Find your LIFE PURPOSE and live it to the fullest and greatest way!
  • How to be Highly Attractive and Desirable to members of the opposite sex.
  • How to go after ANY DREAM you have and Fulfill it to the FULLEST EXTENT.

Isn’t it nice? Create a perfect reality, be rich, have psychic influence on others, cure all sickness, etc. It’s almost like you could dominate the world, right? But, when you scroll down far enough, you will eventually get to the part where it says:

The True value of Mind Reality is INFINITE, but the price I have decided to offer it for is ONLY: $397

This price is highly affordable for most people in the world! $397 is a very small amount to pay compared to the amount of power, freedom and abundance you would be able to experience in your life!

ONLY 397$. That’s the price to get the true meaning of life and get infinite power. Quite cheap isn’t it? If you’re up for more nonsense, go and read the website, it’s worth it.

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17 Responses to “Here’s a new one –”

  1. Tom

    I love how all these things draw on Quantum Physics. They don’t have a clue what Quantum physics are, but they know no one else does either, and it lends a certain credibility to them in the eyes of your average person.

  2. Ben

    I know. Life technology has the same approach with quantum physics. It’s a buzzword that seems to work well…

  3. alex

    well, shucks. he brought the price down to $29.99 right after you posted this.

    i would like to know if the trickster who made this has made any money

  4. Ben

    Yes there’s a special right now at 29.99, probably wasn’t selling enough at 400$.

    I honestly have no idea if it’s generating any money, but at 400$, even if it’s one sale a month that’s good pocket money!

  5. Chelsea La Vone

    Lets just appreciate the fact that they didn’t include “metaphysics” into this whole thing. It’s just like “The Secret”, only on crack with random pseudo scientific words. Followed by skills that so far haven’t been scientifically proven.. IM sure anyone who can afford $397 dollars on bullshit doesn’t need to learn the skill of telekinetics to get rich.

  6. Ben

    That’s what I also think, 397$ is money you usually don’t have when you’re looking for an easy way of making money and desperate enough to consider that website…

    That’s probably why there’s a special at 29.99!

    • Ron

      The world travels on BULLSHIT, NOT FACTS. People want to believe in miracles because they are tired of being over worked. This is prey for the con man. People would rather hear BS. it sounds good to the ears, like when a politician talks.

  7. Greek Neek

    sadly my friend bought this and is raving on like a lunatic, its is almost like some sort of cult offering the answer to life, i don't think there is one though… I don't even think life is a question… but whatever, people find things to latch on to when they feel lost, my friend seems happy, so I wont say anything, this is by far stupid, this is not the "This is the Most Powerful Information Ever Unveiled on Planet Earth! " OK, who is this person, why should i believe him, if i said it would it mean any less or any more to you? People are to gullible these days. Its a scam, I don't even know if I should tell my friend and his mother…

  8. Rose Williams

    people help one another stop taking money and help people manifest their dream. All you ever see is

    I will telll you how to do this if you send me $400. The taker and scamer club

  9. Tomasz

    All the info they are selling can be goggled for free. They are selling the convenience of people not having to Google for that info. Does it work? that will depend on the person, for some it will work and for others it wont. But don't spend money for something thats available free.

  10. Connie Jones

    I am a very happy subscriber to Enoch Tan's I cannot believe I stumbled across a webpage that has anything negative about Enoch Tan or

    I have been a happy member now for 3yrs and I would pay for my lifetime membership again if I had to do it over. I just cannot think of how my life would be if I had not learned the life survival skills from Enoch Tan.

    Mindreality has changed our life and If anyone can say that the knowledge contained thereof is unworthy from Enoch Tan's lifetime of research and hard labor or is unfit to share and is not everything it offers then I can only imagine that one does not even have a subscription and knows not of what the website contains and offers or they just have no inclination to pick up the tools and use them.
    Tools are made for a person to work. A plow is a great tool for digging soil but if the plowman doesn't use the tools it is not the uselessness of the plow, but instead the uselessness of the plowman.

    No , have not made myself rich from using the website. But I can honestly say I am not applying myself completely . I am struggling everyday like anyone else But I tell you this much. I would never ever again want to be without accessibility to all of mind

    Everytime I need redirecting or am ready to climb another Mountain I return to for my strength and tools and move another step closer to where i need to be.
    I wonder how far I would be if I applied myself more fully each day to the knowledge Enoch Tan shares with everyone.

    I think it is very distasteful how this webpage persecutes Enoch Tan for his marketing . If the truth be known It is exactly in line with any other new marketing technique. Its just plain Modern marketing like any other Marketer to offer a discount when they want to up sales.
    How nice that is for the consumer to be able to get a sale price occasionally. For crying out loud if its wrong to set sales occasionally then you better not use coupons or store sales at your local market less you be a hypocrite.
    Yes I will defend Enoch Tan , though he probably would say I need not to even give all this negative energy any fuel and just focus on what is good.
    But I feel its wrong to sit back and listen to lies about a wonderful man who has the right to be paid for his honest labor and its wrong for others who obviously are unaware to Blaspheme and hinder others from seeking the knowledge that Mindreality has to offer.Talk about an attack on goodness! Geesh !

    Also just to let anyone know I respect and have full confidence with to let you know I once had a misunderstanding when I was a monthly subsciber and I goofed up myself when I ordered a product. I explained it to Enoch Tan and my money was fully refunded and I got to keep the product. Later I looked back and I realized I was totally wrong and Enoch rightfully did not have to refund me or give me the product free. But he stood by the old rules I guess of the customer is always right. Not sure why he did it. But he did !
    It wasn't long after that I bought the lifetime get everything subscription and will never regret it!
    Mind Reality .com is my New Bible I only wish, all the archives and everything was printed in a book so I could take it everywhere.

    Connie Jones

  11. Connie Jones

    I am a very happy subscriber to Enoch Tan's I cannot believe I stumbled across a webpage that has anything negative about Enoch Tan or

  12. Andrew

    you may be negagtive about a winning lotto ticket because of the taxes, or you may be negative about a great steak dinner because you had to wait for it. You see, it is all about feeling in this particular world. You have a chioce how to feel even though you cannot understand that yet. Try praying and using the Lords Prayer.. You Know… "Our Father who art in Heaven….. and so on" It has everything in it you could ever need or imagine if you are in alignment with God when you speak the words. It is the prayer that Jesus taught the desciples when they asked him "How do we pray ?"

  13. Marcus

    IHmmmm I dunno I have been following this Mind Reality for a while and I think there is something to it . There you go. try the free Ebook and see what you think. By the way there is a free website 8888 that worked for me if anyone is interested. People have nothing to lose by believing


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