If a pole shift happened on the Sun, it can happen on Earth too.

SunI received a comment yesterday on one of my article about pole shifting. This was a reaction to the fact that I said recorded previous poles shifts on Earth took about 5,000 years to complete. This comment was that a magnetic pole shift happened on the Sun recently, which is a bigger mass than Earth and it didn’t take 5,000 years to complete. Thus, a pole shift can happen on Earth and real fast.

I’d like to clarify that. The answer I’d like to make official would be: If I can peel a banana, then why can’t I peel a strawberry if they both are fruits?

Unfortunately, while kind of funny, it isn’t really a proper answer. The more I think about it, the more it makes sense and can be an official answer…But let’s elaborate a bit. First of all, the Earth and Sun aren’t like the banana and the strawberry because they both aren’t planets. That’s the first mistake of the affirmation: comparing the Sun and the Earth like being two similar things. The Sun is a star, while the Earth is a planet. This makes a huge difference because the minute you know that, you can’t compare both equally.

The other important thing to consider is that the Sun is known to be on a 11 years cycle. What does this mean? Every 11 years, there’s a magnetic pole reversal happening on the Sun. Longer cycles have been recorded of course, but it’s usually an 11 years cycle. Does the Earth have such cycle? Luckily, no.

I’m not saying a pole shift can’t happen in a single day on Earth. While there’s not much chance of seeing that happening, who knows? The problem is “If it happens on the Sun it can happen on Earth”. This is not true and it is the kind of argument too often used in different domains. The Sun and Earth are two completely different things. Don’t forget that stars are mostly made of gas, while this ain’t the case of planets.

I continue to think that “If I can peel a banana, then why can’t I peel a strawberry if they both are fruits?” is the best answer to that argument. Because even if the Sun would’ve been a planet, there’s no way you can go with that kind of argument, affirmation being true or false.

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