If a pole shift happened on the Sun, it can happen on Earth too.

SunI received a comment yesterday on one of my article about pole shifting. This was a reaction to the fact that I said recorded previous poles shifts on Earth took about 5,000 years to complete. This comment was that a magnetic pole shift happened on the Sun recently, which is a bigger mass than Earth and it didn’t take 5,000 years to complete. Thus, a pole shift can happen on Earth and real fast.

I’d like to clarify that. The answer I’d like to make official would be: If I can peel a banana, then why can’t I peel a strawberry if they both are fruits?

Unfortunately, while kind of funny, it isn’t really a proper answer. The more I think about it, the more it makes sense and can be an official answer…But let’s elaborate a bit. First of all, the Earth and Sun aren’t like the banana and the strawberry because they both aren’t planets. That’s the first mistake of the affirmation: comparing the Sun and the Earth like being two similar things. The Sun is a star, while the Earth is a planet. This makes a huge difference because the minute you know that, you can’t compare both equally.

The other important thing to consider is that the Sun is known to be on a 11 years cycle. What does this mean? Every 11 years, there’s a magnetic pole reversal happening on the Sun. Longer cycles have been recorded of course, but it’s usually an 11 years cycle. Does the Earth have such cycle? Luckily, no.

I’m not saying a pole shift can’t happen in a single day on Earth. While there’s not much chance of seeing that happening, who knows? The problem is “If it happens on the Sun it can happen on Earth”. This is not true and it is the kind of argument too often used in different domains. The Sun and Earth are two completely different things. Don’t forget that stars are mostly made of gas, while this ain’t the case of planets.

I continue to think that “If I can peel a banana, then why can’t I peel a strawberry if they both are fruits?” is the best answer to that argument. Because even if the Sun would’ve been a planet, there’s no way you can go with that kind of argument, affirmation being true or false.

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20 Responses to “If a pole shift happened on the Sun, it can happen on Earth too.”

  1. craig tonkin

    Nice work. Keep punching. And keep those pig-ignorant doom-merchants in check. Idiots

    Long Live the Earth!!!!

  2. Aaron

    Ive been watching the discovery channel and I saw a show about the end of the world in december 21 2012 and this really freaked me out like i haven’t been able to eat for days so i looked on google and you tube and they talk about like: an ice age, meteorite hitting earth, polar shift, and even aliens and my friends/family have been saying it wont happen but it still doesen’t make me feel better what do u think will happen? thank you

  3. dwn2die

    i fail to see what fruit has to do with any of this, let alone how anyone can compare peeling a fruit to pole shifts. I prefer to look at this from a different angle, planet star whatever you want to name it the fact of the matter is that they are both massive bodies in a place where time and distance cant even be measured as it doesn’t even exist. for example; measure from the tip of your index finger to your wrist, there is an infinite amount of space between those two points just because you can measure it doesn’t mean that its finite. The same goes for our universe. just because something hasn’t happened yet doesn’t mean it can’t or never will. Actually its when we start trying to think we are more intelligent than something infinite that we usually end up completely incorrect. Humans are completely random. We stumble into things and proclaim that we are intelligent beings. When in actuality we are walking in a foreign universe carrying only speck of wisdom in the greater scheme of things.

  4. Ben

    There’s no direct link between a pole shift on Earth and a pole shift on the Sun. It’s possible for such a thing to happen on Earth, but there are absolutely no correlation with a pole shift on the Sun. End of the story, it has nothing to do with the Universe being infinite.

  5. Daniel

    I read similar article also named le shift happened on the Sun, it can happen on Earth too., and it was completely different. Personally, I agree with you more, because this article makes a little bit more sense for me

  6. lia_009

    Well, I wasn't going to read this at first, but it got me to thinking. YOu could be right, the sun isn't a planet, and the Earth is, so it's shifts aren't as regular or active. We'll never know everything, but that's a good point.

  7. kevin

    the earth is gonna end in 2012! u r so retarded if u dont htink so. there was a movie about it w/ john cusack u retards, i hope you suck some dicks

  8. Jeff Hindermin

    Wow, I read this right after I read another article on the flip of the sun's magnetic pole,


    which is from NASA's site and it explains how, firstly the earth's magnetic field flips as well, and did so about 740,000 years ago. And secondly, "Consecutive reversals are spaced 5 thousand years to 50 million years apart" so theoretically it could happen tomorrow for all we know. Also this whole concept of“If I can peel a banana, then why can’t I peel a strawberry if they both are fruits?” is just stupid to be honest, I mean all we do as humans is try to connect things and we can do it with as little as two similar characteristics. In the case of fruit its that they both contain seeds. Planets and stars can be compared as dwn2die did that they are both massive bodies of mass moving though the universe, honestly the whole one is made of gas and the other is not thing just shows how little Ben knows, firstly because the sun is made of plasma not gas, and plasma is just super heated gas which is just super heated liquid which is just super heated solid. Also he compares planets as if they are all the same as earth, if you look at Jupiter, one of the planets in our own solar system you can see that planets can be made of gas.
    The last thing I have to point out is that Ben is not a scientist to be honest all he has is what he reads from other people and what he makes up in his mind based on that information I mean he's a web design student who probably made this site in 30 minutes as part of a class project. What is truly sad is that thousands believe this nonsense just because it is posted online.

    • drake_ravencross

      "firstly because the sun is made of plasma not gas, and plasma is just super heated gas"
      seriously do you think before you type because yes super heated solids become liquids so on and so fourth but solids like what planets are made out of and Plasma , or super heated GAS, are in two diffenet forms and the molecules react differently in a solid (compacted) then gas (dispersed) so if they are made of different things ( and i think this was his point ) you really cant compare them on the same level because they are not the same Similar but not he same

  9. San

    If the sun has a cycle then chances are the earth does too. That doesn't mean it is remotely the same cycle. But it is silly to believe that a pole shift will never happen in ones lifetime, it could – according to scientist we are due for one, and since modern man has never lived through one and the fact that possibly each pole shift is different from another then who knows what might happen. That doesn't mean it will be catastrophe, but earth changes CAN be catastrophic such as earthquakes and volcanoes but similarly a sunny day or a solar eclipse isn't. In the end we just don't know until it happens.

  10. Rinona

    Dear Benoit:

    I have the complete season four "The Universe" and saw the episode on WR104 Gamma Ray Burst and how it is aiming straight at the earth.

    Since the earth travels around the sun 365 days for a complete cycle, how can WR104 hit the earth? Wouldn't it hit the sun first; sun explodes, earth tilts, knocking earth out of orbit and the end of earth within the Milky Way Galaxy, and what about the effects upon the Milky Way Galaxy?

    These things should be noted in the episode because its not like earth is just standing still waiting on a big hit. The sun would be the target; wouldn't it?

    Please explain as I find the WR104 theory very interesting, and I had a dream where the sun exploded, and the earth tilted and everything fell off the earth!



  11. billybobmagnet

    You guys are completely forgetting the whole electromagnetic properties, causes and effects, etc.

  12. angela

    *not all planets are composed like our own. jupiter, saturn, uranus and neptune are all gaseous planets, known as "gas giants"


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