Man walking on mars is a rock

If you don’t know about it, the Spirit rover sent on mars by the NASA has taken a picture that shows a ‘humanoid figure’ on it. There’s been a lot of comments on the subject going in different directions and NASA has provided the full image zoomed-in and we can clearly see that this is a rock. Here are the pictures:

Man walking on mars

Man on mars

Ok, so this is clearly a rock and not a man or statue. As the NASA said:

“It’s a two-inch piece of rock eroded by the wind” explained NASA spokesman Dwayne Brown.

At two inches, I don’t see it being anything else than a rock. When you look at the zoomed-in picture you might have doubts because it’s so close and the figure really look like someone. When looking at the whole picture, you realize the humanoid figure is too small to be anything else than a rock. On top of that, it took three days for the rover to take that complete panoramic image(the lens moving slowly across the scene). The figure doesn’t move during that name so it’s definitely not any kind of life. A statue? A two inches statue…maybe not.

Sorry but it’s not today we’ll prove there or there was life on mars!

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15 Responses to “Man walking on mars is a rock”

  1. billy

    a rock look at the meterials tottaly different they have nothing the same at all , why is it so hard for people to say there is life on planets , were not the only humans and were not the only species of humans , get it threw your heads!

  2. eben

    2 inches tall, didn’t move for three days.
    The same way I cannot say there’s no life in this universe you can’t say there’s absolutely life in this universe. We don’t have proof.
    By the way, I didn’t say there wasn’t any other form of life in the universe, it wouldn’t surprise me that much actually. I’m just saying this thing is a rock.

  3. Bryce Jennings

    Maybe in the near future, scientist will found life some where in the universe…. People in Stephenvill, Texas believes that we are being visited by intelligence other than our own.

  4. eben

    Hi Bryce,

    It’s quite possible that there’s some sort of life elsewhere in the universe…Only time will tell!

  5. pablo rancheria

    i think its a man with rock feet and he crushes little boys and girls and turns them to dust helllllllll yeahya!!!

  6. Tom

    It looks like a person–but then again our brains like to pick images of people out of things (for instance, the Virgin Mary grilled cheese sandwich).
    First of all, if there’s life on other planets, the chances of said life looking anything like us are remote, especially on a planet with vastly different conditions like Mars. Read up on basic evolution.
    Secondly, we are the only species of humans–human refers to the species homo sapiens, which is us. Any extraterrestrial life, regardless of how intelligent, is not human (unless they’ve evolved to be exactly like us, the odds against which are more than astronomical).

  7. martianrockboy

    I think it’s a rock, too. But not for those reasons. Saying it could’t be alive because it didn’t move for three days and being only 2 inches tall is constraining the possibilities of life only to what you know on Earth. If you say it can’t look like humans, you’re denying the possibility of evolving from a single extraterrestrial species (something as possible as it is impossible). What if it was just a corpse, petrified by the martian sand storms, and that’s the reason it doesn’t move? That’s something to need to think carefully about, because it doesn’t need to be jumping and making noise for you to say it might be a proof of life…

  8. eben

    Hey I totally agree with you to be honnest. I’m not trying to jump on the conclusion that there’s no life on Mars because we never know, my point was more that this thing wasn’t really man-like of a real living thing…

  9. Auto Loan

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  10. casandra

    I enlarged it and did some enhancements and black and white. In Black and white you can see the eyes and mouth and nose. In enchantments you can see the human form. If it a wind shaped rock it has amazing detail.

  11. joshgte

    ok. well go that high up in a plane or heli. and look at one person in the middle of no where. i beleive it was a life form because you dont know it could be a alien they could be only 3 inches tall but go down to where it is and itcould be 5 feet tall you never know


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