Man walking on mars is a rock

If you don’t know about it, the Spirit rover sent on mars by the NASA has taken a picture that shows a ‘humanoid figure’ on it. There’s been a lot of comments on the subject going in different directions and NASA has provided the full image zoomed-in and we can clearly see that this is a rock. Here are the pictures:

Man walking on mars

Man on mars

Ok, so this is clearly a rock and not a man or statue. As the NASA said:

“It’s a two-inch piece of rock eroded by the wind” explained NASA spokesman Dwayne Brown.

At two inches, I don’t see it being anything else than a rock. When you look at the zoomed-in picture you might have doubts because it’s so close and the figure really look like someone. When looking at the whole picture, you realize the humanoid figure is too small to be anything else than a rock. On top of that, it took three days for the rover to take that complete panoramic image(the lens moving slowly across the scene). The figure doesn’t move during that name so it’s definitely not any kind of life. A statue? A two inches statue…maybe not.

Sorry but it’s not today we’ll prove there or there was life on mars!

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