The Earth’s axis DIDN’T shift

Summer Solstice is near and theories are flowing about the axis shift. The sun is too far north, the sun isn’t setting at the proper place, etc. I wrote a previous article about the Earth’s axis shift, just stating that it was completely nonsense to think that the axis of rotation changed but now, I would just like to provide a simple everyday life example of why it doesn’t make sense.

This example is called satellite T.V. I’m sure you know roughly how satellite T.V. works and that the antenna at your home as to be in direct line of sight with the satellite of your satellite T.V. provider. It does make sense, if you want your antenna to receive signal, it has to be in line with the satellite, otherwise it doesn’t receive any signal. Trust me, it’s not something roughly aligned: moving your antenna of a single degree can make a difference. Now, if you want to be able to communicate with the satellite day and night, it has to stay in the same position. How is this achieved? Well, that kind of satellite is called a geosynchronous satellite:

A geosynchronous orbit is simply an orbit that allows the satellite to remain apparently stationary above the same location on Earth.

In order for a satellite’s orbit to remain stationary above the same location on Earth, the satellite’s orbital period (the time required for one complete orbit) needs to equal the Earth’s rotational period – one day. Because the satellite orbits at the same rate the Earth rotates, the satellite remains stationary above the same longitude on Earth.

In addition for the satellite orbit to be truly geostationary, the orbit must not be inclined to the equator. Otherwise the satellite will oscillate in a north south direction above the same longitude.

Just like that:

So that’s why you are able to stay connected with the satellite at all time. Now, remember when I said moving your antenna of a single degree would make a difference, well now imagine if the Earth’s axis would shift! The Earth does move, but not the satellite. There aren’t any physical bindings between the Earth and the satellite which means your antenna is no longer pointing toward the satellite. So if you are still able to watch satellite T.V., the Earth’s axis is the same.

Also, it is ridiculous to think it wouldn’t have important impacts. Just the length of days would be different! I strongly encourage you to have a look at this video as it’s pretty good to understand the basics:

I hope it cleared it all!

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7 Responses to “The Earth’s axis DIDN’T shift”

  1. Sketch

    your wrong, the satellites are set to adapt to such changes, and if anybody has satellite T.V., they would notice the constant loss of reception from time to time, come on now I am pretty sure that the makers of the satellites thought of this before they threw them in space….. not good enough for me buddy…. if you pay attention to where the sun sets annually, you would have your proof…..

  2. Ben

    They can adapt to small changes of course, but man something like 26 degrees is pushing this hoax to its limit.

  3. Techstuf

    I only found because I noticed that for the last 3 summers, the thermometer I mounted on the north side of my house, which NEVER used to get sun, has increasingly seen sunshine, this last summer most of all. My observations matched and his sun rise angles nearly identical.

    So, if it's NOT increased seasonal wobble, it is definitely something else….but what? A strange atmospheric refractional anomaly which makes it "appear" that the sun is rising and setting much too far north in summer and too far south in winter?

    If you doubt the phenomenon, I suggest you have your cam/vid device ready on Dec. 21st of this year….It sure was a trip last year to watch the sun rise so far south, trippy indeed!

    God bless

  4. Greg

    I can't believe we need to resort to arguments about satellite dishes to debunk this (which are correct by the way; @sketch com satellites do *not* have the power to retrack into entirely new orbits. The makers of the satellites did not 'think of this' because it's bunk).

    The issue is just misguided geometry: If the sun sets north of west it does *not* mean the tropic is north of you. If the sun rises north of east, it does *not* mean the tropic is north of you. I'm not going to try to explain why this is false because there's not any clear reason why it should be true, other than misguided intuition; the earth isn't flat. On summer days in the northern hemisphere, the sun traverses more than 180 degrees of the horizon (even more so when you move farther north, that's how wrong this is).

    Here's the real test: If the sun passes north of you at the zenith, solar noon on 21 June, then the tropic is north of you. You will not be able to judge this without an instrument (sextant, or something that measures a shadow).

    If this rubbish were true, people in the northern states, and almost all of Canada, would get little or no sun at all in the winter months (since the arctic circle would be at about 45 degrees) and the sun would barely set at all on June 21. You don't think we'd notice that?

    Even for a small change in tilt, many thousands of people who understand this stuff are making observations of this all the time. They're all involved in a world-wide conspiracy to hide this? Or maybe the problem only exists in Texas?

    If you have noticed some changes in the fall & spring sun patterns, it's because Dubya messed with the DST. In many parts of North America, the earliest sunrise (relative to standard clock) now occurs just before the 'fall back' rather than on Dec 21.
    If you've noticed other differences, it's probably just because you weren't paying attention properly until you heard about this.

  5. bowlan

    satellite T.V.does not require the satilite to be dead nut to work
    the satilite can be off by 15 to 20 degrees and still work perfectly.

  6. rodney b smith jr

    baldini -pa, as of five years ago the sun would be over a east position and would set over this incline plain in town. now as of 2009 to 2011 the sun east raise is off and the sun sets no more over the incline plain in town it off by a huge degree. so even if all the experts put their minds together were in the fast ending of the alinment of the sun with the use to shine on my porch two years ago,now i hardly notice the haet from the sun raise. even before noon it,s over the town like it mid day and it,s only 10am. the goverment knows and is not sharing to keep the public at rest. not many look to the sky and notice the change or do they care,to busy rushing in life,leaving alot to be unnotice .


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