Web Bot – What is it? Can it predict stuff?

There’s been some sort of hype lately regarding the Web Bots and I’m really surprised there’s almost no information about it available. The Web Bot project was developed in the late 1990s mainly to predict the stock market ups and downs (Web bot and stock markets). How do they do it? It’s really simple in fact and it’s a very nice implementation of what search engines do. Web bots simply crawl the web the same way Google crawls it at regular intervals to catch new and existing web sites and detect relevant keywords. Web Bots do it just a little differently: While search engines are just “indexing” the Web and creating a Web directory, Web bots are looking for trends with the keyword relations they find. It search for keywords “standing out” in a web document but also take in consideration the content preceding and following the keyword. This data is then analyzed by a linguistic tool to determine the meaning if there’s any.

So does it work and are Web Bots reliable? well it’s kind of hit and miss. Sometimes you’ll see things predicted correctly and sometimes not. I think the project is a really good initiative and can lead to great things, but at the moment I’m more under the impression that they interpret the results in the same way we interpret Nostradamus Quatrains. What I mean is that what the Web Bots are getting out of the internet while crawling is not that clear and when an event happen a couple of days later, then we find a way to relate the data.

Being in the computer engineering domain, I think I can see where the Web Bots will succeed and where it will fail. There are fields I believe the Web Bots can predict stuff and there are field they can’t. What are these fields? Well, essentially, anything “man-made” could be predicted in some way and anything man has no control over can’t be predicted. This is for the plain and simple reason that the Web Bots crawl the Internet for data and the Internet is actually man-made. So, the only data that can be collected is data written by people/government/companies,etc. I don’t see how you can predict a natural disaster or anything like that by simply crawling the Web. The only thing you can get by crawling is facts or opinions, nothing else. The only way I can see predicting natural disasters or anything not man related is if the Web Bots actually crawls 3 000 blogs/websites written by specialists of a certain domain and that they are pointing towards a similar conclusion.

What about 2012 (Read my article on 2012) and the Web Bots? As I said, I’m not seeing how a computer can figure out what’s going to happen in 2012 simply by visiting websites published by real people. The more data Web Bots get pointing towards 2012 just means more and more people are publishing stuff about 2012 and the end of the world. Remember, the only thing they can crawl is the internet and what you find on the internet was created by real persons, not God. They will surely get a strong correlation between 2012 and the end of the world; there’s ton of websites talking about it.

So, can Web Bots predict stuff? Yes I believe it can and it’s a really nice piece of technology. I’m pretty sure preventing terrorists attacks can be done using Web Bots and also predicting anything involving human interaction. Remember, it crawls the web, written by humans so it can only predict what humans are able to predict: Just in a shorter time frame! I think it’s easy to fall into the “It can predict everything” stuff, so let’s say it’s a really nice technology which can help us predict things we wouldn’t normally see happening. There’s a lot of future in that field and it has to be pushed a lot more forward. A good project, with good potential, but be careful with what people say it predicted!

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107 Responses to “Web Bot – What is it? Can it predict stuff?”

  1. dj ron


    • the kiel

      Running in a cave wont help when the world ends with it being THE END and all, there have been many end of the world scares and guess what? They all didn't happen remember Y2K? Oh those were fun times with people killing themselves.

  2. ricardo

    there are so many people confuse and worry about 2012 I have seeing few thing that may happen yes thing are going to happen but it is not the end of the world but a new understanding of the earth ourself as human and yes other life forms beside ours that been in this plane for so long.

  3. old greg

    and you have to remember that programs can only be programmed. as far as i can seem to understand from what i have read web bot seems not so different from oliverbot to me. it's just a collaborative database of responses to algorythmic feedback collective from e-spiders.

    • Pscy ops watch

      Is web bots reliable? All you have to do is go back and see which predictions have happened. Answer is- not many.

      Its November 13 and non of the doomers items has yet transpired. No more need be said.

  4. Fornaro

    How about a Web Bot program that searches through emails, that might pick up terrorists' communications and possibly what web sites they are accessing? The government needs to have a system or some way to compile reports or warnings, however seemingly unimportant, to see if there is a pattern. I think this type of intel might prevent future events like the Nigerian whose father warned us about his son's activities. Had the government taken the warning seriously at the time, he wouldn't have made it on that airplane. Luckily, brave passengers took the iniative, but we may not always be so lucky. We need to be proactive not reactive!

  5. Terry Brookman

    Web bot was started long before the date you mention and under another name http://www.fromthewilderness.com/free/pandora/052http://pdr.autono.net/promis.html

    and is being used by many intelligence agency's among others http://urbansurvival.com/week.htm it is quite effective beyond what is known by the public, people have been killed in association with some of it's capabilities. If you follow the above links you will understand some of the reasons why. The urban survival link saved a friend of mine a couple of million dollars when I told him to get out of the market before the decline, another did not believe me and lost millions in bank stock.

  6. viphyip

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  7. Diana

    I cant believe in that thing…..
    I only believe in GOD and what the bible say about the end of the world

    So forget all and be good person in this life for you dont know what will happen in the future

    • Paul

      I am not saying that 2012 is true, or that the bible does not contain important and useful information that is good to follow for most people, but it's like believing only in what the book Harry Potter teaches. Wizards are real and Voldemort possesses the elder wand, ahhhhhh the death eaters. – - – It is not good to only believe in one thing, especially when a large portion is utter fiction, no offense.

  8. Juan Calos

    en mi particular. el fin de nuestra era, esta pronto llegando a el FIN. y nuestro Señor JESUCRISTO,,, dijo algo haci como señales en el cielo y en la tierra,,, ya estan sucediendo con los extraterrestres,, y las otras señales son los tenblores, pero ya se hacen mas frecuentes los terremotos.. no cree usted, que estamos llegando a la hora FINAL? Nostradamus, los Aztecas, los Indues, y la tibu muy antigua que dejaroin restos el los estados unidos….. espero que estemos preparados para esto y despertemos nuestra conciencia,,,. no baya ser que para nañana sea demasiado tarde….

  9. Dungas

    It is not surprising to me that the Web Bot has had some significant misses… or should I say it is not surprising that Cliff High in his attempt to interpret the Web Bot data has made some significant misses.

    The Web Bot takes a snapshot of language usage on one day then compares it to another snapshot another day. As a very crude example lets say last week the Web Bot spiders found the word Fire used with Ship 20 times and today and it was found 60 times. At that point all one knows is that the words Fire and Ship are being used together more frequently but that is it. Is a ship to catch fire? Does a ship fire weapons? Does someone on a ship see a fire? Is someone fired from their job on a ship? And for that matter is it a sailing ship, spaceship, or the spaceship earth?

  10. rod

    I'm with you, Trembley. I believe there are intelectual and physical araingements that may be to my future advantage if I recognize their limits and possibilities. I've got a few sittin' around the house here that I use with some regularity. One is an alarm clock that predicts my paycheck with unfailing accuracy. Another physical araingement by some intellect is the steps leading from our front porch to the sidewalk that trails on out to the street; said intellect predicting through these steps that I need not waylay my posterior upon said sidewalk. So far, so good. Onward thru the fog!

  11. shyan

    this is imposible. i dont believe it at all. yeah sure shitt happens but thats life. we live in a world we can change our selfs without these pridictions

    • James

      I predict that your spelling is atrocious at its best, and fundamentally flawed. Please go back to the 6th grade and learn to spell correctly before you step into a advanced discussion like this.

  12. Mirror of Aphrodite

    There's a very important concept regarding the web bot project that wasn't taken into consideration in the piece above – and that would be the work of Dean Radin's Time Reversed Human Experience: http://www.scribd.com/doc/2596201/Dean-Radin-Time

    Additionally, the "tipping point" time concept is not being taken into consideration: http://www.urbansurvival.com/tip.htm.

    Studies have shown that human beings can actually "sense" and at times literally "see" the future up to 6 seconds or 6 minutes into it. So this goes deeper than simply a web bot crawling the net and reading our chatter there.

  13. Mirror of Aphrodite

    And 2012 . . . that apocolypse everyone is waiting for on December 21, 2012 – NEWSFLASH! You're already living in the apocolyptic times the Mayans predicted. 2012 simply represents the peak point of the amping up of a "transformation" and "revolutionary" energy in the biorythyms. That energy has been amping up for the last decade or so and 2012 is simply it's peak point. The energy will receed after that. 2012 is not the end of times, it's simply the beginning of a new age of man. One that includes an increased awareness on our part – one that will make our species more responsible about this planet and our fellow man – if we intend for our species to be here 100 years from now. It's time for the arrogance and self-destructive ways of mankind to cease.

    As the shaman priestess said to Jake in the recently popular movie, Avatar . . . "Maybe we can cure you of your insanity."

  14. Curt

    Did you know that the the events of the Bible in Revelations 22 and Ezekiel 38 fit together, occur in "latter years" and have not happened yet? No, I am not referring to the anti-christ and tribulation period. That occurred at the end of the previous age under Nero (70AD) and his name = 666 in Hebrew.
    But, what many people fail to do is KEEP reading Revelations! Satan is said to be released again at the end of THIS age for a final attempt. Ever think it is odd that the Mayan's believed that this 2012 was to be the arrival of their 9 gods lead by a "feathery serpent"? Even writings of infamous satanist/Illuminati leaders over the centuries (Albert Pike) show a final WW3 was needed to usher in Lucifer's new world order, but first the "western" countries needed to be put in check and chaos so they would not interfere w/ the Gog/Magog event of Bible. Is it almost here? Yes. We do have a non-us citizen as our leader. We do have a money system on life support. We do have a congress and senate lead by organized crime. It is all about to come out folks!

    Once this event occurs (dollar collapse or whatever) I believe this is when Russia/Iran will attempt to take over Israel within a 3 month window. The good news – it appears that the WORLD will witness a huge and supernatural event unlike our AGE has ever seen and Israel will be saved. I believe this is the beginning of the New Age – an awakening that God is real and all countries come together with this knowledge (read Ezek 38-39 and Rev 22-23). According to scripture, this is Satan's final attempt to deceive mankind and take over. After this, he is said to be locked up forever. Imagine the world now!

    • Frost

      WOOOOW, A white, christian, republican wrote this no doubt. You idiots believe anything that any idiot says. Non US citizen in control? Forget what the Hawaiian government shows as a valid birth certificate, lets listed to Rush. They must have some wonderful birth records from Kenya that no one else knows about. Organized crime runs the senate? No clue where you pulled that crap from. Now were supposed to believe your religious rants? LMAO Some peoples children.

  15. john

    fuck 2012 what happen in 2000 nothing were still here 2012 same fucking thing.

  16. Haydon

    wow the amount of people who have no idea the real meaning of the end of the long count callender on 21/12/2012, The end of the zodiac sign pieces and now moving into the sign aquarius
    so stop thinking that 21/12/2012 or in Australasian countries 20/12/2012 is going to be some huge catastrophic phenomenon, cause it aint, we're simply moving into a new zodiac. If on this date or before this date the world does end its because of panic and terror that has been passed through the internet into peoples minds. So do yourself a favour and forget you ever heard about it. You can research the change of zodiac through google and im sure you'll be suprised

    • Mary

      After coming to this site and reading your response, it made me realize that we are often creators of our own world. Maybe we need to speak of our plans for 2013 and beyond in order to alter the predictions?

  17. sam

    hey ..guys .. dont believe this kind of shits .. noting will happen on 2012. just believe in gods : )

  18. acejames228

    I think the web bot is a great tool or software, but as far as predicting things human can I don't think that will happen but who know now a days.

  19. TIG Welder

    In my opinion there is still a lot of research needed to be done in Web Bot project, I have seen some videos about it and summarazing, they still need to do a lot of work on it.

  20. Lance

    I think the Mayan calender ended because they said ‘enough already’ its hard to carve calenders in rock with other rocks.

    You all are a bit crazy with this. We will experience more wars and over population in the next 100 years.

    Enjoy each day, eat well, be kind to others, don’t be wasteful


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